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[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”WELCOME MADRIN LAW” description=”We can assist you with your property and business transactions as well as personal matters (asset planning), whether you are in the local or even abroad. We also offer an “in-home“ service for those clients who are unable to make it into our office. We look forward to working with you in the future.” bg_gray=”” color_light=””]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style1″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-law” link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”FREE CONSULTING” description=”The nomination phase is simply the first step in our process. It puts lawyers on our radar for further research and evaluation, and awards points in our rating system.”]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style1″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-2442″ link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”RESEARCH” description=”The staff identifies these credentials by reviewing a proprietary list of database and online sources, including national and local legal trade publications. “]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style1″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-meeting1″ link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”DISCUSSION” description=”Most of the lawyers we identify in this process have also been nominated by their peers so we find outstanding lawyers or nominations from other lawyers.”]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style1″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-businessman170″ link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”MEDIATION” description=”The ultimate goal of Madrin Law is to help clients have a good understanding and smooth application of up-to-date legal regulations.”]
[madrin_call_action text=”It is not the Mountain we Conquer but Ourselves” button_label=”PURCHASE NOW” link=”http://themes.g5plus.net/madrin” link_target=””]
[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”OUR FEATURES” description=”We provide the full range of commercial legal services while maintaining a particular focus on servicing the legal and commercial needs of a number of key industries, including property, business and agribusiness.” bg_gray=”” color_light=””]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-mobile” link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”LEGAL SERVICES” description=”Establishment advising: we are advising clients in terms of their operation setting up in your country which covers business planning, investment license.” sub_title=”For business or corporate”]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-brush” link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”LABOR & EMPLOYMENT” description=”Power delegation advising,works permit for foreigners, labor regulation drafting and registration and labor disciplinary measure advising.” sub_title=”Labor management and power”]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-download” link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”INTERNATIONAL TRADE” description=”Client representing in Foreign trade dispute amicable resolution, client representing Litigation proceeding, enforcement of verdict awards.” sub_title=”Foreign trade contracts reviewing”]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-flash” link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”BANKING AND FINANCE” description=”Madrin Law is assiting banks and financail institutions in their financial and banking transaction. We shall have immediate respond.” sub_title=”One of the major service field”]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-hourglass” link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS” description=”Lawyers of Madrin Law are well experiences in helping investors to acquire or sell a partial or total entity in a secured, smooth, cost & time effective ways.” sub_title=”This is a strong tier service”]
[madrin_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon_type=”font-icon” icon=”icon-arrows-ccw” link=”#” effect=”yes” title=”TAXATION & TAX POLICIES” description=”Advising on all duties related to taxation in your local from value added tax, corporate income tax, withholding tax, personal income tax, import export tax.” sub_title=”Advising on all duties related to taxation”]
[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”OUR SKILL” description=”Our lawyers’ experience and education demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to their chosen field.” bg_gray=”” color_light=”yes”]





[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”MEET OUR LAWYERS” description=”We recognise the importance of working closely with our clients in order to develop creative and business focused solutions.” bg_gray=”yes” color_light=””]
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[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”WHAT PEOPLE SAY” description=”Here are several testimonials from other lawyers who were thoughtful enough to share with us” bg_gray=”” color_light=”yes”]
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[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”PRICING TABLE” description=”Pricing legal services is a necessary part of running a law firm, please using market value, flat rates, contingency fees and other methods of valuation.” bg_gray=”yes” color_light=””]
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[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”OUR PROCESS” description=”We are honored to have a recently granted U.S. patent relating to lawyer-ratings. We take our credibility very seriously, and having a patent assures our customers that we strive to be innovation leaders in our area.” bg_gray=”” color_light=””]
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[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”NEWS” bg_gray=”” color_light=”yes” description=”Focuses on some of the most notable changes found in the news, and provides an update on certain guidelines outlined in the implementing legislation.”][madrin_latest_post layout_style=”1″ item_amount=”3″]
[madrin_heading layout_style=”style1″ title=”GET IN TOUCH” bg_gray=”yes” color_light=”” description=”Interested in working with us? Let us know a bit about yourself and your project.” el_class=”no-margin-bottom”]
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